Many people experience discomfort if they sit in front of a computer a lot. This may be due to:
1. The electromagnetic field around the machine. See our earthing equipment! Ground the computer first, then possibly yourself.
2. Wireless network; if possible switch to wired network!
3. The light from the screen; protect your eyes with computer glasses or foil!
There are also several types of energetic shielding that reduce the stress response in the body.
There is a range of shielding remedies – but none that remove the load completely.
2. Therefore use your mobile reasonable: turn off your phone at night and turn it on airplane mode when you do not need it.
3. Avoid holding the phone to your ear: use a headset or a speaker – text when you can.
4. Cover the back of the phone if you have it in your pocket!
5. Be aware that metal boxes such as cars, trains and buses amplify and reflect the radiation from wireless devices!