Baldron GAIA sett Mistelteinessenser, 23 stk à 30ml

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Gaia- Mother Earth – these Essences connects us to the depths of the Earth – and the depths of our own Soul.



Gaia set – essences of the Earth depths


Extension to the Pro Set: 23 new essences for profound transformation.


Nine stages of transformation – up to the hidden heart of the.

On each stage a female and a male flower.

The golden middle is formed by the essences of the bees!


Integrated with the biographical essences of the Pro Set

They are the unequal siblings of the Zodiac and Planetary essences.

Resonance of the elemental forces

Light in the darkness



– Radical transformation

– Conflict Management

– Deep Ecology

– Diseases that hide in the dark are brought into the light

– Meditative ways to Mother Earth

– Body Resonances



– In combination with Pro Set: GeoBiography Mat, Zodiac Set and Constellation Set

– Balances well with the Zodiac essences

– Always centered around the biographical essences of the Pro set, it makes a perfect team with the cosmic essences of the Zodiac Set and Constellation Set (Planetary essences).

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