Plocher Aroma-Aktivierung Havsalt 200 g
Plocher Aroma-Aktivierung Havsalt 200 g

Naturlig aromaaktivator som fjerner urenheter fra maten, gir den tilbake dens naturlige aroma og forlenger holdbarheten.#Unit: 200 g

Material: Sea salt and citric acid


Dissolves dirt and grime from fruit, vegetable and lettuce, enhances their natural aroma and extends their shelf life.

Suggested application: 1 g per litre water to clean and rinse vegetable and fruit.

Recommendation: Vitalize your tap water with the plocherkat.

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Plocher Salattoppfrisker 200g
Plocher Salattoppfrisker 200g

Plocher Fruit & Vegetable Fresh
Enheit: 200 g

bærermateriale: havslat

til vasking og rengjøringav salat, grønnsaker og frukt
* løsner smuts
* sorger for lengre holdbarhet og friskhet


1 g/Liter Wasser#Einheit: 250 g

Trägermaterial: Meersalz/Citronensäure

Zum Waschen und Putzen von Salat, Gemüse, Obst

* löst Verschmutzungen
* sorgt für längere Frische und Haltbarkeit


1 g/Liter Wasser

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Plocher informasjon 10g
Plocher informasjon 10g

Kiseljord informert med gull; virker stabiliserende på ledd og muskler, og er god for metabolismen. Tynnes i vann og drikkes etter behov eller blandes inn i plocher-kremer.#Unit: 10 g

Material: Silica


Gold is a functional trace element in the organism and has a stabilizing effect on joints and muscles.

The energetic imprint of gold is transferred to the carrier material. The carrier material silica is modulated with the energetic information, but the chemical analysis of silica is not changed.

Suggested application:

As needed, mix 1 measuring spoon in a glass of water and drink.
For topical use mix with PLOCHER creams and apply.

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Plocher luktdempende strø
Plocher luktdempende strø

Reduserer lukt i kattesand og smådyrbur.#Unit: 200 g

Material: Calcium carbonate


Sanitizes and minimizes odours

Reduces ammonia emissions

Suggested application:

Sprinkle in cages, coops, litter boxes etc, repeat if odour develops.


plocher pet supplements encourage good digestion which reduces offensive odours in faeces and droppings.

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Plocher Silkeskjerf, vitaliserer , løsner  muskelkramper
Plocher Silkeskjerf, vitaliserer , løsner muskelkramper

Dette elegante silkeskjerfet løsner opp spente nakker og energetiserer området den brukes på.#Unit: Piece (ca. 85 x 85 cm)

Material: Silk


The plocher silk scarf targets specific parts of the body and energizes them.Wear as an elegant scarf and relieve tense shoulders at the same time.

Suggested application:

Cover affected parts with scarf, leave as long as desired.
Combines well with PLOCHER creams.


We suggest using PLOCHER laundry additive when washing scarf. Hand wash at 30° C.

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Plocher Elektrostress anheng
Plocher Elektrostress anheng

E-smog anheng som nøytraliserer effekten av elektromagnetisk stråling, og gjør disse mer kompatible for kroppen. Gjennom kinesologiske tester kan vi konstantere at effekten er merkbar selv etter kort tid.



Electricity produces a certain electromagnetic field that negatively interferes with humans, animals and plants own energy field.

The plocher e-smog-pendant changes these fields into compatible ones for the living organism. Through Kinesiology and other methods in Natural Medicine we can establish that the effects are noticeable even after a short time.

The e-smog-pendant is for personal protection against harmful radiation but does not change any emissions from appliances.

Suggested application:

The pendant should have body contact and should be worn as long as desired.


We recommend drinking an adequate amount of water (2-3 l per day), vitalized with the plocherkat.
Reducing electromagnetic radiation and geopathic zones allows the body to start self cleansing and elimination processes and water is needed to flush out toxins.

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Plocher Groundwater vitaliserer grunnvannet
Plocher Groundwater vitaliserer grunnvannet

Dette produktet støtter grunnvannets selvrensende og regenererende egenskaper. Perfekt til brønnen i hytta eller lignende vannreservoarer.#Unit: 2 kg

Material: Calcium carbonate


This product supports the self-cleansing and regenerating forces in ground water and helps to:

* Transform various pollutants and nutrients
* Stabilize and vitalize ground water naturally

Suggested Application

Tanks and cisterns:
First application up to 100 m3 – 3 g/ m3; up to 1000 m3 – 2 g/m3; more than 1000 m3 – 1 g/ m3.
Add 1 g for each m³ of additional water.

Wells, boreholes and springs:
For an average consumption of up to 8 people:
First application 100 g, subsequently 50 g every 14 days.

Indoor fountains / humidifiers:
Up to 2.5 l water – 1 g per week;
more than 2.5 l water – 1 g/ 2-3 times per week.

The ideal solution for wells and boreholes is a combination of plocher ground water and the application of the plocherkat.

Recommendations for successful ground water protection:

Unfortunately ground water is often contaminated with various harmful substances, chemicals, toxins etc.

This can be prevented. “Fight the causes not the symptoms” and help nature to regenerate and stabilize itself by attending to soil health and vitality.

Application of PLOCHER garden and agricultural products help to protect our valuable ground water.

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Plocher Kat: vannvitalisering
Plocher Kat: vannvitalisering

Plocher Kat  – en meget interessant metode for vitalisering og forbedring av vannkvaliteten! Utviklet samtidig med Grander, men går videre i arbeidet med å rense vann – helt naturlig!

Plocher har ved siden av sin Plocher Kat til husholdninger og landbruk også spesialisert seg på rensing av innsjøer og vann uten bruk av kjemikalier. De har en rekke vellykkede EU-prosjekter.

Plocher Kat: Festes på husets vanninntak. Den reduserer forurensende faktorer som tungmetaller, klor og bakterier, reduserer kalkavleiringer i rør, tekanner og vannbeholdere, og gir vannet tilbake dens naturlige vitalitet. Ideell for hjem og offentlige bygninger.


#Unit: Piece

Material: Stainless steel


Water of spring quality for human consumption and for use in households, commerce, industry and agriculture.

* The plocherkat is neither electric nor magnetic
* Easily installed
* No maintenance needed
* Works on a permanent basis (in use since 1986)
* Reduces pollutants like heavy metals from household pipes (e.g. iron, copper and zinc), nutrients (ammonia, nitrate, phosphate) as well as chloride and bacteria.
* Reduction of lime deposits: less lime scale on taps and pipes, tiles, pots, glass containers, heaters, coffee and washing machines etc. Existing lime scale in pipes is slowly reduced which extends the life of installations and appliances
* Vitalizes and sanitizes tap water
* Ideal for homes or public buildings

Suggested application:

plocherkat large is used for households, clinics, offices as well as workshops with a water consumption of max. 1,5 m3.

For flats/apartments, high water consumption or very hard water, several plocherkats can be installed in a row.

Important note: clean pressure tanks beforehand.

Simple installation: the water pipe is placed between the stainless steel plates and fastened.

Flush pipes thoroughly after 14 days, repeat if necessary.

Strong electrical currents disturb the function of the plocherkat. In case of large electrical appliances or machinery nearby, it is advisable to check the electromagnetic frequencies near the installation point.

In case of more than 200 nano Tesla it is advisable to install the plocherkat at another location.

Installing an e-smog angle in addition to the plocherkat optimizes the result.

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Plocher Harmonizer for Jordstråling og Elektromagnetisme
Plocher Harmonizer for Jordstråling og Elektromagnetisme

Denne gjenstanden harmoniserer effekten fra elektromagnetisme og geopatisk stress; vannårer, bevegelser i undergrunnsplater, kryssninger i Hartmann og Currylinjer og lignende. Den kan plasseres i et sentralt sted i hjemmet eller under setet i bilen. Den v#Unit: Piece

Material: Clay (21 cm Ø)


The earth has an energy field to which living organisms (humans, animals, plants) have adapted through the millennia and from which they draw part of their energy. Living in areas where this natural energy field is disrupted may cause geopathic (geo=earth – pathos=suffering) stress with adverse effects on metabolic processes, weakened immune system, ability to sleep etc.

The disturbance of the energy field may be caused by water veins, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, moving underground plates, under ground cavities or at intersections of Hartmann and Curry lines. The plocher harmonizer is based on Roland Plochers 15 years of experience.

Many testimonials and tests confirm the results of a more relaxed and harmonic energy level of humans and animals. Specific information imprinted onto the harmonizer disc changes the geopathic disturbance into a revitalizing environment, protecting an area up to 29 m around its placement.

In case of more severely affected people it is advisable to get used to the harmonizer over a period of time otherwise possible “withdrawal” symptoms could occur. If this is the case drink 2-3 l of water treated with the plocherkat or still mineral water for the first few weeks.

Suggested application:

The plocher harmonizer should be centrally located in the basement.

Alternatively it could be placed on the ground floor in or below the bedroom but not under a bed. Ideal places are under a wardrobe or on a shelf.

Protection whilst driving: Place the harmonizer under the seat of your vehicle or in the boot.

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