Spiral-skjøteleding for skjerming og jording, universal. 2m, sort, 1,5mm²

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Skjermende spiral-ledning med støpsel. Vikles rundt PC-kabler for skjerming. Lengde 2 m, utstrukket 10 m.
Spiral-Extension cord, 10,0 m,black. Plug on socket, 1,5mm²


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41-3785 Spiral Extension Cable- Jacketing the cord Use: Shielding power cords and small power supply units when shielded IEC power connection cords C13, laptop power connections or other shielded power cords can not be used. This also applies for input leads for TVs, hi-fi videos or many other appliances which already have an integrated lead. The appliances do not have to be opened, thus, no breach of guaranty. The actual usable length of the spiral extension cable is 2m (2m unshielded cable can be shielded), however, the production actually requires over 10m of our shielded connection cable (cross-section 1,5mm2 that can carry 16A). The spiral extension cable also enables an additional connection possibility (the socket mounted on the extension cable) for other mains operated appliances. The spiral extension cable can, of course, be used as a flexible extension cable, for example, for any portable appliance. Available for immediate delivery Assembly / Installation: The unshielded cable cord is «enwrapped «by the spiral in order to attain the complete jacketing of the cord. Kindly ensure that both ends are as close as possible to the device and power connection in order to achieve the optimal shielding effect.

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