EarthCalm Scalar Resonator

kr 1 825

Scalar-resonatoren harmoniserer virkningen av emf, gir kroppen healing, og justerer den til Schumann-frekvensen som er jordens eget svingningsnivå.

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The EarthCalm Scalar Resonator is our maximum strength personal pendant. It consists of the 7 EarthCalm circuits exactly matched by another set of 7 circuits to access Scalar Resonance Technology.

A scalar wave is generated whenever one wave is matched in frequency and amplitude by another wave such that they cancel each other out. The result is not zero, but rather another dimension is activated, which is non local (everywhere at once) and is theorized to be responsible for healing. A biological example of scalar grounding occurs when the left and right sides of a person’s nervous system are balanced, exhibited by a balanced spine. This «straight» structure of the spine allows for more optimal functioning. The Scalar Resonator helps bring your spine into balance as well as hold chiropractic adjustments. The Scalar Resonator utilizes Scalar Resonance Technology (14 matching circuits) to maximize protection from EMFs by amplifying your grounding into the earth.


Generally people have one of two different reactions to the EarthCalm Scalar Resonator:

1. Although more intense, if you are generally healthy you will feel the same type of effects as with our basic EarthCalm Resonator while experiencing a deeper level of healing. Many people initially notice a feeling of warmth, relaxation, tingling or lightheadedness due to the removal of the constriction of EMFs on the nervous system. Then within minutes comes an increased sense of calmness and well being as you ground into the earth’s magnetic field. Many people report within minutes relief from arthritis, headaches or old injuries. Within weeks, people experience an overall rejuvenation of bodily function.

2. Some people may feel a sense of tension. In this case the Scalar Resonator brings in so much healing energy all at once your nervous system is slow to adjust especially if you have a weakened immune system (such as is the case with fibromyalgia or if you self-diagnose as electrically sensitive). If this happens, then the EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System would be a more appropriate place to begin, or just wear the Scalar Resonator for a few minutes or hours at a time until you can wear it comfortably all the time.