kr 820

Prisgunstig halvtransparent bomullsstoff i god kvalitet – som forheng/gardin eller baldakin. Kan jordes, grått/beige, 42 dB. bredde 250 cm, metervare.


SILVER-COTTON is a semi-transparent cotton fabric with a high silver thread content for the protection against high-frequency (HF) and low-frequency radiation (LF). Typical application as curtain, as room divider in laboratorys, medical practices, etc. and because its groundable to sew a bed canopy.

Special features: With 42 dB attenuation this fabric has an outstanding price/performance ratio.

High transparency at very high screening attenuation
Contactable (groundable) to shield LF electric fields
Textile characteristics: Washable, easy to process.
Quality grade: High

Attenuation | Grounding

This product shields high frequency electromagnetic fields (HF). The indicated dB-values apply to 1 GHz, view chart for other frequencies. Laboratory report ranging from 40/600 MHz to 40 GHz according to standards ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006, view report above.
This product with an electrically conductive surface shields low-frequency alternating electric fields (LF). For this purpose a grounding is necessary, i.e. an integration into the functional-equipotential bonding (FEB), please find suitable grounding accessories under «Grounding».

Silver products

Silver fabrics have a limited durability, depending on the frequency of movement.
Our silver fabrics do not contain any nano silver, but a thick metallic silver coating.

Technical data

Width: 250 cm, +/- 2 cm
Length: Available by the meter
Attenuation: 42 dB
Color: Gray/Beige
Raw materials: 82 % cotton, 14 % nylon, 4 % silver
Weight: 67 g/m²
Dimension stability: +/- 1 %
Surface conductivity: 6 ohm / inch (2.54 cm)

Care instructions

Gentle cycle at 30°C
Iron without steam at degree 1
No drying in tumble dryers
No bleaching
No chemical dry-cleaning
Wash only with our special washing detergent TEXCARE, without enzymes or bleaching agents