PC-Auswertungs- und Konfigurationssoftware NFAsoft

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Product information “PC-Auswertungs- und Konfigurationssoftware NFAsoft”
Revolutioniert die Auswertung von Einzelmessungen und Langzeitaufzeichnungen
  • Included in the NFA scope of supply.
  • No installation required. Can be run with all systems as of Windows 98, with Linux, and with MAC. The software is designed for Windows, the Linux and MAC versions are available “as is”.
  • In combination with the NFA, it offers totally new possibilities of analysis, especially concerning the so-called “dirty power”.
  • Easy to operate. Real-time indication of statistic values for the selected range.
  • It is of great support when issuing informative and reliable measuring protocols.
  • Multilingual.
  • Please find the current version for download under “Downloads”