Utleie av FF6 E Frekvensfilter til alle HF (HF 35 oppover)

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FF6 er et lav- høy- og bånpass filter anbefalt for HF E 35C og HF E 59B. Med dette filteret er det enkelt å finne hvilke strålingskilder som er dominerende. Ved hjelp av en glidebryter velger du den kilden du er interessert i (f. eks. DECT) og avlese#
Service-specific frequency filter FF6E
Recommended for: HF E 35C, HF E 59B.

The service specific filters always only show the preset radio service, and suppress all other frequencies.

Evaluates each radio service separately
Additional features as compared to the FF6:

* The 50-60 dB suppression of unwanted frequencies is unequalled in this product segment. It allows for a precise analysis of the selected frequency ranges.
* With its additional filters for TETRA-BOS, DVB-T, as well as high and low pass combinations applied at 1100 MHz this filter is especially suited for our E-type measuring devices (as from 27 MHz).
* To be connected between the antenna cable and the antenna input socket of the measuring device (by the operator).
* Cascadable with all amplifiers and attenuators.
* Also allows for a broadband measurement without additional transmission loss, which means the filter can remain attached to the device.
* Perfectly shielded against interferences.
* Possible exposures to sheath currents on the cable behind the filter can be additionally suppressed with the help of a free of charge modification of your HF-device.

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* filter
* Rg58 coaxial cable
* tightening aid
* manual
* charger

* Technical Data
* Scope of Delivery

Frequency Range: ALL / GSM9 / GSM18 / DECT / UMTS / WLAN / HP11/ TP11 /TETRA / DVB-T
Accuracy: Typical suppression of unwanted frequencies: > 50-60 dB, GSM1800 vs. DECT eff. 20-30 dB.
Electric power supply: 9 V NiMH battery, average time of operation: 8 hours, Low-Batt. indication, auto-power-off-function, mains adaptor, battery charger

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Utleie av FF6 E Frekvensfilter til alle HF (HF 35 oppover)