Plocher allround rengjøringsmiddel sitronsyre

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Miljøvennlig universal-vaskemiddel.#Unit: 200 g

Material: Sea salt and citric acid


Concentrated cleaner which breaks down fats and loosens dirt and grime. It is biodegradable and free from chemicals and has no impact on the environment.

Suggested application:

Use sparingly.Test for yourself how far you can reduce conventional washing powder, dishwashing liquid or other cleaners.
Dishwasher: 5-10 g plocher all-purpose cleaner + a pinch plocher laundry additive.
Windows/mirrors: 1 g/l water.
Floors: 2 g/l water.
Washing machine: 5-10 g plocher all-purpose cleaner + plocher laundry additive.

Recommendation: Install a plocherkat to vitalize tap water for cleaner dishes and laundry.

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Plocher allround rengjøringsmiddel sitronsyre 200g eller 2 kg



200 G, 2 KG

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