Mindfold- avslappende maske

kr 320

Avslappende øyenmaske – gir totalt mørke med åpne øyne; Mørkebehandling, hvile, avspenning, meditasjon


Product information «MINDFOLD Relaxation Mask – MIF»
The highlights:
  • The relaxation revolution
  • Total darkness with open eyes
  • No smudging of eye make-up
  • Ideal for travelling
  • 1 pair of ear plugs included
The Mindfold relaxation mask is composed of a black front screen made from flexible plasic and a soft padding of high density foam.
This foam padding leaves spaces for the ees, so that there is no pressure on the eyes.
Eye make-up stays perfect!
No touch to the lashes!
The special feature is the complete imperviousness to light, even in direct sunlight.
An adjustable, elastic velcro headband ensures optimal wearing comfort
The comfortable Mindfold relaxation mask is ideally suited for:
  • Meditation
  • The daily midday nap
  • Travelling by plane / bus / train
  • Visualizations
  • Dream journeys
  • Eye operations

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