EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System

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Scalar Home PS

EarthCalm Scalar Home Protection System

Specifications: Measures 4 x 2 x 2. EarthCalm scalar home products use no electrical current and therefore generate no EMFs. They may be plugged in anywhere in the home to protect the entire household (and all electrified buildings under the same electrical meter). They will last indefinitely.

The USA/Canada/Mexico version: May be plugged into any 3 hole outlet (or 2 hole outlet with a plug adapter).

The Worldwide Version: For those countries with 220/240 voltage, be sure to order the Worldwide Version (the module/base is slightly smaller in size). A voltage adapter is not necessary; however a simple PLUG adapter (not included) will be necessary. The Worldwide Version may be used in the USA as well.

The Scalar Home Protection System like the Scalar Resonator is a powerful grounding device that incorporates Scalar Resonance Technology to enhance the body’s own ability to heal itself when freed from the constriction and stress generated by our electrical system. The Scalar Home Protection System includes three progressive steps to moderate the adjustment period, which is important to everybody but essential for people who are electrically sensitive or who have immune deficiency problems. In particular asthmatic and ADHD children as well as people with chronic illness are helped by graduated reductions in EMF exposure levels, which moderates most healing or detoxification symptoms.

Because it provides EMF protection to everyone in the home, the System

is ideal for families with young children(and for pets). Our three-step program is especially recommended for children, who are more vulnerable to EMFs

than adults. Parents who have used the Scalar Home Protection System

have noted increased calmness, longer attention spans and more

cooperative behavior in their children, as well as higher grades in


Figures A, B and C illustrate the three steps of the Scalar Home Protection System.

The Scalar Home Protection System is ideal – you simply install the

System and forget about it. No need to worry about children or young

adults losing Resonators, etc. Parents sometimes ask if their

children need Resonators at school. Because healing occurs for the

most part during sleep, it is not necessary for children or teenagers

to have personal protection while at school. When they get older

and/or work in front of a computer, then a personal Scalar Resonator

might be considered.

Cyclotronic Resonance

The Scalar Home Protection System utilizes the principles of cyclotronic resonance and scalar resonance. To learn about scalar resonance, see the details section under the Scalar Resonator or see our Q and A. For those interested in how cyclotronic resonance works, the following is a detailed description.

The mechanism whereby electrical wiring appliances in the home impact

your body’s nervous system is explained by the principle of

cyclotronic resonance. If two AC fields stand at right angles to each

other, as in every electrified corner in a house, and a DC field is

present (as provided by the earth) then AC energy is actually transferred

from the electrical wiring into the nervous system of people within

the grid. This grid is always working in any electrified building

whether current is being used or not.

What actually happens during the energy transference? Three things

happen. First, stress hormones are generated by the person’s adrenal

system in response to the assault of AC electrical energy transfer.

This energy has no biological function and is perceived by the body as

an attack. Second, the immune system degrades over time due to the

constant subliminal stress. Third, the AC generated energy

transference actually kicks spinning ions, specifically calcium,

lithium, sodium and potassium out of the cells where they regulate

metabolism. The ions are kicked into the blood stream to either

collect in joints or be inappropriately eliminated. AC electrical

energy transfer thus disrupts normal cell metabolism.

Since these ions are essential for the proper functioning of the

cells, this energy transference explains the phenomenon of calcium

efflux whereby calcium is ejected out of cells inappropriately into

the blood stream in the presence of EMFs. How does this affect us? For

example, the reduction of calcium and lithium in the cells might

explain why EMF exposure contributes to ADHD and stress. Calcium and

lithium are both required for mood stabilization and calmness. Thus

protection from EMFs is helpful to people who suffer from arthritis

(calcium imbalance), mood swings and depression (calcium and lithium

depletion) and Alzheimer’s (potassium imbalance).

EarthCalm utilizes this same principle of cyclotronic resonance to

introduce a healing or grounding pattern into the home’s EMF field. A

pattern of circuits is modulated into the EMF field of the home by

inserting it into the home’s electrical system. The nervous system of

a person within the home will utilize this same principle of

cyclotronic resonance to receive the grounding pattern thus

alleviating the stressful effect of the EMFs.

EarthCalm products never need recharging and are offered with a 90-day

money back guarantee to afford you the time to monitor the

effectiveness yourself. Note and jot down your specific symptoms now

as well as those of your family, and then compare them after using our

Scalar Home Protection System for several weeks.

You may be surprised to find marked improvement in your family’s overall health.

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