Røde fargebriller med lydfil

kr 590

SpectroChrome Red (R) Drivkraft og energi


Varme, nærhet, lidenskap, vitalitet, kampvilje og utholdenhet

Med Lydfil/ Sound/ Koherenzklänge


The Sound of Red (R)

Color properties:

  • infra-green
  • Against Color: Blue ☾

Color analogies:

  • Tone frequency (s): 194.18 Hz
  • Rating: G
  • Chemical elements: Cd, Kr, Ne, H

Color effect (s):

  • Stimulates the sensory nervous system that the five sense organs activated: the eyes, ears, touch, taste, smell. (1)
  • Builds on the liver, this suggests. (2)
  • Makes platelets and blood pigment (hemoglobin). (3)
  • Provides rapid expulsion of debris (tissue debris) through the skin. May cause skin redness or itching or pimples until the cleaning process is completed (irritant, irritant, Pustulans). (4)
  • Antidote for burns caused by X-rays, ultraviolet rays, etc. (5)

Organ (s):

  • Platelets (toning / stimulating)
  • Erythrocytes (toning / stimulating)
  • Liver (toning / stimulating)
  • Spleen (sedative / damping)
  • Sensory nervous system (toning / stimulating)


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