Transforming disturbances cause by water veins and earth rays can

Create a light and airy atmosphere
Allow for a deep and uninterrupted sleep so that you can wake up refreshed and full of energy
Article number: EN-64853

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photonwave phototherapy
PhotonWave Rainbow Light Modulator

PhotonWave has been developed on the vast experience of researchers in medicine, behavioural optometry, kinesiology, psychology and osteopathy. Their contribution made it possible to combine different methods in order to obtain an optimal effect for the patient.

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RE LUX Appliances
RE LUX Appliances

details ingredients Magnesium silicate, pot. RE LUX substances, epoxy resin mass Diameter: 38 mm Depth: 2 mm   Function and application Our posted Re Lux minerals powder is incorporated into epoxy resin. This material is very resistant to mechanical stress … Read More

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RE LUX Glass lens I
RE LUX Glass lens I

For use by electrosmog at work and at home, it may help you to reduce stress-symptoms improve your ability to concentrate improve your well-being Article number: EN-25491 Details Contains specially fabricated glass, mineral powder Round, approx. 100mm diameter, height 45mm, … Read More

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DetailsIngredients Silicon, magnesium, beeswax, gold, spruce tonewoodMass 17 x 17 x 17.5 cm Function and application The Re Lux III device can be used in invading from outside radio fields, as well as in-house evoked electrosmog. Our Re Lux products … Read More

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Re-lux Eterkilde AURUM
Re-lux Eterkilde AURUM

The Re Lux (Latin for light again) device transforms electromagnetic pollution. This device prevents the aggressive electromagnetic forces from entering and harming the living organism.

De livskrefter er i likevekt

Med navnet Aetherquelle foreslår vi de livskrefter som kan omtales som Aetherkräfte. Du er den energiske basis hver livsprosessen.

I dette området er de Aetherkräfte elementer er den samme som i den fysiske delt i fire:

Heat varmeseter
Air – lett eter
Vann Chemischer- eller lyd eter
Earth – livet eter

Hvis dette Aetherenergien er koblet på en balansert mid den fysiske kroppen, er kroppen sunn.

I vår Aetherquelle Aurum alle fire Aetherarten blir tatt hensyn til. Dermed er den fysiske kroppen skal styrkes gjennom å øke Aetherkräfte.

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